Modiano Cards Replacement Card Program is your only source for replacement cards in North America. If you value having the opportunity to replace your lost or damaged cards, be sure to buy your cards from or a participating reseller.

Modiano Cards are an investment. We understand this and know that you will want to play with them for as long as possible. Modiano Cards bring an element of class into your game and you, your family and friends will appreciate the quality play that our plastic playing cards provide. We want to ensure that you get all of the play you deserve from your Modiano cards. Therefore, as the leading distributor in the United States, we have decided to implement a replacement card program.

What is a replacement card program?

This is a program that helps our customers and the customers of our resellers with a method to replace a damaged or lost card. A modiano deck is useless if it is not complete. You don't have to worry if you lose a card or damage a card. We are here to ensure you can continue playing with your Modiano cards for years to come.

How Do I reguest a new card?

All orders will include a replacement card request form that will look like the images below:


To request a new card, just complete the form and send it to:

 Brybelly Holdings, Inc.
Attn: Modiano Replacement Card
3334 Mesilla Ct.
Indianapolis, IN 46226

For customers:

Please include $1 and a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope with the reorder business card that was included with your purchase. Please complete it as follows:

  • Card Style - This is the name of the design that you purchased (all styles are found on our website)
  • Color - This is simply the color of the back of the deck
  • Card Rank - List the number and the suit of the card
  • Index - List jumbo for cards that have large numbers or Regular for cards with small numbers (examples of jumbo and regular indexes can be found on our website)
  • A side note - You may want to include your phone number on the replacement card in case we have a problem with filling the order or if we can not decipher the information on the form

Modiano Cards purchased from other sites/stores:

If you purchased from a different website or seller, please contact them to see if they have a replacement card program or if they are a member of this replacement card program. If not, please include $3 and a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope with a printout of the replacement card form and mail to the above address.

What if I didn't receive a replacement card request form with my website order?

Simply print out this page and mail it following the instructions above.